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Artist E. Craig Marcin

Always at home in fresh, imaginative watercolor, E. Craig Marcin creates uniquely memorable images of the shows staged by LI Musicians Network.

“The process of painting is like taking deep cleansing, breaths,” Craig says.  “Each subject that catches my attention, from the smallest of flowers to the brightest of sunsets, gets recorded and eventually ends up included as part of, or the subject of, a whole painting.”

Craig is a member of a number of art societies, including the American Watercolor Society, National Academy, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Long Island Art League, Smithtown Township Arts Council, Northwest Connecticut Arts Council and Pocono Arts Council.

We’re always lucky when Craig turns his singular perspective our way.

Learn more about E. Craig Marcin at his Web site.


Watercolor of a recent LI Musicians Network show —
by E. Craig Marcin